Welcome to the webspace dedicated to XSpace Cruiser.

XSpace Cruiser is my entry for the 2007 Microsoft - Dream Build Play contest (www.dreambuildplay.com)

This is my first game released for Windows. It is a space ships racing game, and was built from scratch with XNA Game Studio Express, and the C# language. The game is currently built for Windows XP/Vista. An XBOX 360 version should be released soon (as soon as I get and XBOX 360 …).

Only the binaries are released for now, but the complete source code and assets will be released in a few days after a little cleaning / polishing / commenting.

The game was build from scratch in a little more than 2 months exclusively during my free time (late nights and week ends).

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PS : This game doesn’t share any portion of code with the famous XNA Racing Game starter kit, and is not related to it.

micro shots

The game must contain some bugs ; so please report them either by posting a comment or by emailing me at xspacecruiser@free.fr

[UPDATE : Contest winners have been announced, and I’m not one of them; but building this game was a great experience that I’m proud of. Congratulations to all the winners.]